Hereford Stone Worktop Offcuts For Sale Online

Buy worktop offcuts online at Hereford Stone, your gateway to premium natural stone and engineered materials at knock-down prices for the smaller projects around the home. Browse our stock, purchase products or get in touch to discuss your requirements today.

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Hereford Stone Worktop Offcuts

Buy worktop offcuts online at Hereford Stone, your gateway to premium natural stone and engineered materials at knock-down prices for the smaller projects around the home. Browse our stock, purchase products or get in touch to discuss your requirements today.

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About Our Worktop Offcuts

Our marble, granite and quartz worktop offcuts are carefully selected remnants from more giant slabs, perfect for smaller projects that demand the highest quality materials without the premium price tag. Whether updating your bathroom vanity, crafting a unique coffee table, or adding a stylish touch to your kitchen, our stone offcuts provide the perfect solution.

Eternal marquina | marble-effect offcuts

Marble Offcuts

Experience the timeless elegance of marble. Each piece offers unique veining and soft tones, ideal for adding a touch of sophistication to any room.

Sapphire brown granite offcut

Granite Offcuts

Celebrate the durability and natural beauty of granite. Known for its resistance to heat and scratches, granite worktop offcuts are perfect for creating hard-wearing surfaces that last.

Britannica worktop offcut | cimstone quartz

Quartz Offcuts

Embrace the versatility and wide range of colours quartz offers. These offcuts combine durability with easy maintenance, making them an excellent choice for busy households.

Granite coasters made from stone offcuts

Why Choose Stone Worktop Offcuts?

  • Sustainability: Utilising offcuts reduces waste and promotes an eco-friendly approach to home improvement.
  • Affordability: Get the luxury look for less. Our high-quality offcuts come at a fraction of the cost of full slabs.
  • Uniqueness: Each offcut is one-of-a-kind, giving your project an exclusive, bespoke feel.
  • Quality: Despite their smaller size, our offcuts maintain the same premium quality as our more giant slabs.

Explore Our Worktop Offcuts Online

Our collection of marble, granite, and quartz worktop offcuts presents a sustainable, cost-effective, and creative solution to adding a touch of luxury and functionality to your spaces.

Transparent Pricing: Shop with Confidence

At Hereford Stone, we offer high-quality worktop offcuts in various sizes to suit your needs. Our offcut pricing is straightforward and based on the width of the offcut, so you can easily find the perfect piece for your project while staying within your budget.

Here’s a breakdown of our offcut pricing:

up to 1.19m


1.2m to 1.49m


1.5m to 1.99m


2m to 2.49m


2.5m to 3.2m


As you can see, our prices are clearly defined for each width range. Whether you need a small piece for a compact project or a larger offcut for a more extensive renovation, we have you covered.

Simply measure the space you need to fill, choose the appropriate width range, and you’ll instantly know the price of the offcut.

Note: Customisation and delivery costs are optional, and charged seperately. 

Shop with us today and find the perfect worktop offcut for your project. If you have any questions or need assistance, our friendly staff is always ready to help.

Discover our additional fabrication services below.

Worktop Offcut Customisation Options

Our team of skilled artisans is equipped to fully customise your worktop offcuts at a competitive rate, ensuring that the final product integrates seamlessly into your space.

Here’s how we can tailor your choice to perfection.

Polished edges on worktop offcuts
Polished Edges

Smooth, refined edges are essential for a polished look and safe use. Choose from a variety of edge profiles to match your design aesthetics, including beveled, rounded, and ogee edges.

Tap holes
Tap Holes

Functional design is key in areas like kitchens and bathrooms. We precision-drill tap holes to fit your fixtures perfectly, ensuring a seamless installation process.

Waste hole cutouts
Waste Holes

Essential for sink areas, our team accurately cuts waste holes to match your plumbing requirements, guaranteeing functionality without compromising on style.

Sink cutouts
Sink Cutouts

Whether you’re opting for an under-mount or top-mount sink, our meticulous cutouts ensure your sink fits flawlessly within your worktop, providing a sleek and integrated look.

Hob cutouts hereford stone
Hob Cutouts

Tailoring your kitchen to accommodate cooking appliances is our speciality. Our hob cutouts are crafted to exact dimensions for a perfect fit, ensuring a seamless transition between your cooking space and worktop.

Drainage grooves
Drainage Grooves

Add functionality and style to your kitchen with custom-drilled drainage grooves. These not only aid in water management but also add a touch of sophistication to your worktop.

Limitless Possibilities for Customising Your Worktop Offcuts

Whether you’re bringing to life a bespoke kitchen island, a statement bathroom vanity, or a unique piece of furniture, our complete fabrication services offer the flexibility to realise your vision.

With our expertise, your worktop offcut will become a centrepiece of your home, reflecting your personal style and the unparalleled beauty of natural stone.

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Worktop offcuts

Benefits of Stone Worktop Offcuts

Imagine the pride and joy of incorporating these exquisite materials into your home. Each piece not only enhances the beauty of your space but also adds a personal touch that reflects your unique taste and creativity.

Enjoy our worktop offcuts’ durability and timeless elegance, knowing you’ve made a sustainable and cost-effective choice.

Take the First Step Towards Transforming Your Space

Don’t miss this opportunity to add luxury and personality to your home. Buy worktop offcuts online, visit us in-store or contact us online to explore our collection and start planning your project with our expert team. Your dream space awaits!

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